The ADOBE MAX Releases of Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder and Flex SDK are now available !

As always, special MAX editions of the various software are made available !
This year is no exception, check out the new releases of Flash Catalyst (Project “Panini”), Flash Builder (Project “Burrito”) and Flex SDK (Project “Hero”).

Having been using these editions for a while now during their development, I can strongly recommend that you check them out… they are HUGE advancements and they are some of the most stable BETA software I have had the pleasure to work with (let’s realize it, working with BETA software can sometimes NOT be a pleasure, however these BETA editions are certainly a pleasure to work with due to the MAJOR enhancements).

“Panini” is the Flash Catalyst we originally wanted, version one was a quickie, but the team behind Panini has accomplished to make a tool which really can become the game changer I originally predicted Flash Catalyst would be.

Hence, don’t hesitate to check out these releases !


Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder

Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder is a Flash Builder 4 plug-in which enables the rapid development of extensions that run inside one or more Creative Suite applications.
Extension Builder makes it as easy to write extensions that run in the Creative Suite as it is to use Flash Builder 4 to write Flex applications that run in the browser. It targets professional Creative Suite developers looking to minimize their development costs and reduce time-to-market for their extensions, while delivering maximum functionality to their customers.
For a host of tutorials, videos and sample content, you can take a look at the Extension Builder team’s blog at http://blogs.adobe.com/cssdk/.

Extension Builder at Adobe MAX 2010
Ordinarily, access to Extension Builder requires membership of either the Adobe Solution Partner Program or the Adobe Enterprise Developer Program. However, it is being provided free of charge to attendees of Adobe MAX 2010, along with a catalogue of sample extensions and videos demonstrating Extension Builder’s benefits.
If you are not attending MAX, but believe you should have access to this because your input could prove invaluable, you can contact the team through the Extension Builder forum:


ELIPS Studio… Now Commercially Available… We made it !

Im not trying to claim ownership of ELIPS Studio from OpenPlug, nor am I trying to take credit from the tremendously talented developers who’s been working on it for more than a year… however, what I AM taking credit for is having used the very earliest versions of the software and being part of the BETA program from the groundfloor.

Now, that ELIPS studio is finally commercially available, its time to tell the world about this amazing piece of software which has given the few of us a very clear advantage in terms of productivity and development velocity on our teams.

What used to give me an competitive edge is now commercially available to everyone, thanks to OpenPlug !
Please note that I’m an Independent Software Technologist and hence not associated with OpenPlug, so this is not just another shameless sales plug, this is the real thing… I simply can not encourage strongly enough that everyone working in Mobile Software download this piece of software and take it for a spin.

There is a very cool Free License program which gives you a chance to try out the entire feature set of the suite, however ad’s are inserted into your apps, a great business model since they are planning to share the revenues from these ad’s with the people publishing the ads.

However, the Free License program is not the only cool license program offered by OpenPlug… they also offer their “Indie” version which is a special discount for independent developers. It’s an a-la-carte edition: you pay for what you need. It will be interesting to see who uses this option, how OpenPlug will execute it and be able to support is as well if they will use the a-la-carte orders to design future versions and license programmes.

Anyways, one thing is certain, its great to be able to share with everyone now what we are doing in the mobile development scene and how we use Elips to help speed up the process moving from Ide and Inception to Realization and Transition.

Read the press release:


Introducing SourceMate for Flash Builder 4

SourceMate is an extension Flash Builder which attempts to cover some of gaps left in the implementation “out of the box”.

Some of SourceMate’s Features:

  • Refactoring
    • Convert Local Variable to Field
    • Extract Constant
    • Extract Method
    • Extract Interface
    • Change Method Signature
    • Disable All trace() Statements
  • Code Generation
    • Override/Implement Methods
    • Generate Getters/Setters
    • Generate Constructor using Fields
    • Generate toString()
    • Generate ASDoc Comments
  • Metadata Integration
    • Content Assist for Metadata Tags (can include custom/framework tags)
    • Metadata Tag Validation
  • General Productivity
    • Task markers for TODO,FIXME, and XXX comments
    • MXML and Actionscript Code Snippets View
    • Generate Ant Build.xml from Flex project settings
    • ASDoc Generation Wizard

One of my old feature requests which have not made it to the implementation list (yet), but one I find very valuable is the content assist on Metadata and validation of them… this is a huge step forward in making usage of Metadata easily accessible for novice and intermediate Flex developers… but actually, the entire list above is interesting and will add tremendous amount of power to your current Flash Builder implementation and make it an even more awesome tool for Flash Platform development than it already is.

Check it out…