Adobe Flex : Cross-versioning

The “Marshall Plan” is the nickname for the SDK feature to support cross-versioning.

The nickname comes from the aspect of the feature that uses shared events and/or the SandboxBridge to marshal objects across ApplicationDomains. Marshalling was popularized in Windows as a way of transcoding objects so they can be shared between applications in different address spaces.

If the vision comes true, the “Marshall Plan” will define a post-3.1 Flex that liberate developers from having to have all of their code compiled by the same version of Flex.

Read more about this initiative which are planned to be part of the Flex 4 release.


Adobe Flex : Linkreports

An important tool when trying to examine an application with the objective to divide it into modules and libraries or generally if you want to understand your application better, is the linkreport compiler option.

Adding the following to your compiler options will print a linkreport upon a successful compile. A linkreport is an XML file which lists all type definitions included in the output as well as the classes it depends on, but has not included.

eg. -linkreport=../reports/Linkreport.xml

It will generate the file on disk relative to the BIN directory, so if you want to place the linkreport in a separate directory on level with the BIN directory you have to append ../ to the beginning of the value.