Adobe MAX 2010 Retrospective and Reflection

With this post and I intend to review and retrospect on my impressions and experiences at this years Adobe MAX conference.
This MAX was one of the great ones, mostly because of the many offerings Adobe brought to the table, but also because of the nature of some of the new offerings which is pointing towards a different 2011 for us in the Adobe ecosystem than I would have predicted half a year ago.

First article in this series will be my impression of the recent acquisition of Day Software and the enterprise scale CMS they represent.

It’s time to reflect and define out strategies for the next year !


Finally MAX came… now I can start talking again !

This MAX is going to go through MAX history as one of the big ones…
On every front Adobe has great news to be announced, and this also means I can start sharing all the stuff I have been working on.

Having had to postpone my book since the initial release of Flash Catalyst wasn’t the full interaction design tool which the book was set out to cover, the Adobe MAX prerelease version shows how close we are to the initial vision, and therefore its time to talk about how we use it again.

Project “Panini” (next version of Flash Catalyst) and Project “Burrito” (next version of Flash Builder) has what it takes to become a game changer… so expect things to change and loads of information about the new versions to come here.
Especially you can expect loads of stuff on Flex Mobile, LiveCycle and Application Extensibility.


Going to Adobe MAX 2010

This time of year is ALWAYS a great time… filled with expectations and ideas about what will unfold at this year’s MAX… every year offers great opportunities to fill the arsenal and granary with great stuff to base the year until next MAX upon.

Adobe MAX Logo

Attending information, inspirational and entertaining sessions as well as all the un-conference stuff and the off-conference drinking sessions with old buddies as well as new acquaintances.

I shall be honest and admit that I love to attend MAX… being a regular conference attendee and speaker, I have to admit that MAX by far is one of the best conferences to attend.
Not only is the team behind always willing to put in an extra effort to gather the community and to spread the word of truth about the products and technologies, but they are also always willing to engage in constructive and positive dialogue about the future developments of Adobe in general.

I’ll admit it, I’m an Adobe fanboy and I can’t wait to fly into LAX on Saturday knowing I’m faced with a tightly packed agenda of information gathering and networking with the greatest people in the technological creative industry.

I hope to see you there… and if you are going and interested in meeting for a drink, please hit me up… and better yet if you have something interesting to talk about…

Adobe Flex

Changing Diabetes Barometer is now an Adobe MAX Semifinalist

After winning two awards last year for our “MyHome – Your Intelligent Home” and the “Nasdaq Market Replay”, it was with great interest we here at Hello Group were awaiting the email from Adobe telling us if our very cool application – “Changing Diabetes Barometer” had made it to the next level in the prestigious Adobe MAX Awards.

Today the email came, informing us that it had made it to the Semifinals… a great accomplishment thinking about some of the troubles the project had been undergoing from its inception to its transition into production, and then even some after that (as it most often is the case, I suppose).

Check it out…


The system was build in Adobe Flex 3 with an architecture based on PureMVC MultiCore with a backend in .NET running a MS SQL Server 2005 and a WebORB tying it all together.


2009 MAX Awards competition is now open…

Having been a part of winning two Adobe MAX awards last year and having experienced the thrill of getting this recognition from the industry as well as community peers, I would like to encourage everyone with any potential candidates to register for this years competition.

Therefor I’m delighted to announce that the 2009 MAX Awards competition is now open! The MAX Awards are a global awards program that recognizes the best uses of Adobe software for creating engaging experiences. Submissions are being accepted now through July 31, 2009.


This year Adobe will award winners in 8 categories: Advertising & Branding, Education, Enterprise Productivity, Entertainment, Mobile, Public Sector, Social Networking, and Social Responsibility. View the complete category descriptions and complete Awards information here: http://max.adobe.com/awards/

New this year, category winners will be chosen online via people’s choice voting. Online voting will open September 21st and close during MAX Los Angeles. The three finalists in each category will be invited to attend MAX North America in Los Angeles, where the category winners will be announced live. All finalists will receive complimentary admission to MAX.

All submissions must be received online at https://www.adobemaxsubmission.com/submission/ by 11:59 pm on July 31st.

Be sure to submit your project today! Good luck!


No Adobe MAX 2009 Europe…

Last year in Milan, we were many that enjoyed the local attention we could give the Adobe oriented communities and professionals… however, due to the natural downturn as well as quite a number of suggestions to eliminate the Adobe MAX Europe (at least as one unified monolothic event, you all remember the last question on the questionaire last year… “would you prefer one large or several smaller more localized European MAX’es for 2009).
However, I guess the general downturn in conference attendance has made the choice to completely eliminate the European MAX that much easier…
And to be honest… for a guy who in 2008 attended both the North American and the European, I must admit there will be very few things to miss in comparison to missing out on the NA edition which was so much better that I had already decided only to attend the NA edition, if I had to choose…

Anyways, you can read more about it in a blogpost by Mr. MAX himself…


See you in Los Angeles…