QuickFix for "The definition of base class HTTPServiceWrapper was not found"

When moving between team members (or even workspaces) Flash Builder sometimes need a helping hand in figuring out exactly what to do…
One such situation is when you move sources from one project to a new project and your project is utilizing the build in support for service management.

When you add a service to your Flash Builder (FB) project, FB is so nice to add some references to SWC’s and directories it needs.
However, when you manually import code into a new project FB for obvious reasons don’t know exactly what to include, so this needs to be done manually… or does it.

Quick fix is just to create a reference to a new service, just to delete the reference again once FB has manage to update the configuration.

Check this pretty little recording I have done to illustrate just how easy it is to work around this problem…

Happy coding campers…


FlashCamp Sofia 2009… Presentation

I have just finished my presentation at FlashCamp in Sofia 2009. Being presenting immediately after Mihail Pricobe presented me quite a challenge since most of the material I had was covered by his contents (he covered the entire Workflow from Creative Suite and onto coupling the Flex Application to the backend services).
So I ended up creating my presentation until the minute before I was on… quite an interesting exercise since I remembered my slides better than I probably normally would have with a first-time presentation…

Anyways, you can check out the slides here, the video will be posted later as it gets released by the event facilitators…


Introducing Adobe "Blueprint"

Blueprint is a plugin for Adobe Flash Builder that allows users to query for Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash code examples found on the Web directly inside of the development environment. The purpose of this preview is to assess the level of community interest in this type of customized search interface for code examples.


I have installed it and have already found it to be an interesting addition to the existing documentation… check it out…