DFUG #3 well over…

Today we had the DFUG # 3, in addition to the great dialogue we ended up having about various aspects of our work and industry, we had two great presentations…


Philip Tonboe talked about using pernilNoise maps as displacement maps and displayed some great applications of the output and how to configure the maps to obtain various results… really great stuff !!

Secondly we had one of the key developers on the Danish National Broadcasting’s game site to talk about the newest addition to their famous “Hundeparken”. He talked about how easy it was to get started writing 2D games using the BOX2D Physics Engine.

The next event will probably be on the 21st of October… stay tuned at FlashForum for more info…


DFUG Meeting in Copenhagen

Its with great pleasure that I can announce that we on one of the upcoming Thursday will be having the 3rd meeting in our Adobe Flash User Group here in Copenhagen.
The first time we were so lucky to have James Ward here, speaking about Flash Catalyst and Flex 4… attracting more than 60 people…

The event will take place here at Hello Group in the center of Copenhagen.


If you are interested in presenting a topic, please don’t hesitate to contact me or send an email to the email on the address below…

Check it out…


James Ward in Stockholm

SMUG (Stockholm Adobe User Group) has legendary Java master James Ward visiting them in the beginning of October.

Where he is going to inspire and share his skills with their members. He is focusing on bridging between Java and Flex and creating applications on this very compatible set of technologies.

Time and Venue still needs to be determined, so if you are interested you should check it out at SMUG’s website…

Read more about it here…


DFUG : Manager for Adobe User Group Copenhagen

Its a great honor for me to have been elected the regional manager for the Adobe User Group in Copenhagen in collaboration with Mikkel Havmand.
We hope to be able to make a difference on the Copenhagen RIA scene and I sincerely hope to be able to arrange for some cool events, both virtual and real-life, in the upcoming year.
I will from now on be posting about topics relating to this as well as RIA and Adobe Flex in general.

Check out the official statement (sorry, its only in Danish):