My Schedule for Oredev 2009

Upon having completed my preps for the AIR Bootcamp tomorrow, I decided to use the scheduler app for Oredev to compile my own personal schedule for the conference, and it turned out to look as follows.


Quite a number of slots were difficult to decide because so many sessions this year sound so interesting and the lineup of speakers is totally impressive…

Have you not yet checked out Oredev, I recommend you do it… its right here…

Going to the amount of conferences I have been so fortunate to do the recent times… I always find that the scheduler apps always leave something to be wished. Some of them are really bad (Microsoft TechEd 2008+2009) and some of them are really good (Flash On the Beach 2009). The latter mainly because it was an iPhone App, to have a complement mobile app should be the standard from now on.

Anyways, the one for Oredev is really simple and easy to use, so what it lacks in wow’ness, it makes up for in simplicity… and it persists the personal schedule locally on the client… check it out…


(re)Introducing Oredev 2009

Now, as we are getting closer to the closing date for the Early Bird discount its time to go to your boss and convince him/her to send you to the premier Developer Conference in the Baltic region: Oredev 2009.


The conference features no less than 170 sessions and workshops featuring an impressive gallery of both international and regional speakers.

Check out the schedule yourself with the easy-to-use scheduler web-app…

If you need arguments to convince your boss, you can read some advice on how to do that here…

Anyways… check out the conference…


Introducing Oeredev 2009

In the beginning of November, the Baltic region will have a huge conference entitled Oeredev.

Screendumb of the Oeredev site

Oeredev is the premier conference in Europe focused on the software development process.
Nearly 1000 programmers, developers, engineers, educators, testers and managers gather to share their knowledge and experience.

Check it out…


DFUG Meeting in Copenhagen

Its with great pleasure that I can announce that we on one of the upcoming Thursday will be having the 3rd meeting in our Adobe Flash User Group here in Copenhagen.
The first time we were so lucky to have James Ward here, speaking about Flash Catalyst and Flex 4… attracting more than 60 people…

The event will take place here at Hello Group in the center of Copenhagen.


If you are interested in presenting a topic, please don’t hesitate to contact me or send an email to the email on the address below…

Check it out…


Hello Ignite… now on Facebook

The Ignite phenomena is spreading to even some of the darkest and most remote areas of the world (yet to see one in Greenland however, but probably just a matter of time).
Copenhagen is now no exception, we too have been struck by the wave of ignition which is set of to spark new ideas and thoughts throughout the creative industries.


In the true spirit of the Ignite movement, we have chosen to share our sessions with the general public via the Facebook fansite…

Check it out… every monday there will be a new session posted…


Interview by Mihai Corlan

Late night, walking in cold Copenhagen from one late night bar to another… and then the guy pulls out a camera… anyways, it was a great evening I remember more for Mihai’s great company than this interview, of which I hope to do a part two in which I will attempt to be more clear and concise then in this interview…

Check out Mihai’s blog, if you have not already…