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Bangkok Adobe Camp 2011 – 29th October

We will be having both a Designer and Developer track in order to be able to cover the many popular topics that members of the user groups in Bangkok are seeking… also, the day will feature one of the always entertaining “Back from MAX” sessions by none other than Adobe Grand Master Khun Kajorn.

Yours truly will be speaking about HTML(5), CSS(3), jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap and off course long lasting frienemy: Dreamweaver.
Dreamweaver has been forgiven its massive flirten with backend technologies and we are now brining it back into the toolbox as the preferred IDE for making HTML(5) websites and mobile apps.

As a surprise, I might also be connecting a HTML(5) Mobile App running as a Native App across devices, to the Business Catalyst API to show how easy it can be to combine web site development with the development of mobile apps running as native apps… you don’t want to miss this goodie-bag of HTML and mobile development pearls…


FlashCamp Manila went well…

Having returned to Bangkok from Philippines, its time to reflect and re-contemplate on what transpired during my visit to the beautiful island republic.

Having arrived the day before, I felt I was in good standing with faith as I picked up the keys to my friends apartment before heading over to the speakers hotel in a different part of town, traffic in Manila can kill you… both by its longevity as well as the accidents and malicious actions of fellow human beings.

That day was troubled by both accidents and by somebody thinking that bombing one of the major highways would get them closer to their goal… so getting from my friends apartment to the speakers hotel resulted in me arriving at 23:00 to the hotel just to know that no rooms were available !

However, quick call to the organizers (Thanks John) and a few minutes later  I was driven to another hotel with availability.

Crashing hard that night was perfect and the next morning I was picked up and driven to the venue together with Tom and his beautiful fiancé.

The day went great, the auditorium was packed (460-500 people at any given point during the day), the other speakers were awesome and the organizers top-professional.

Spending a few days in Manila following the event and getting to meet some companies and other people really opened my eyes to the Philippines capacity on so many levels, I have decided to go back soo and Im convinced it will be a trip of many to follow.

Im posting my slides from the presentation here, please feel free to comment.


CAVE Asia went well…

CAVE Asia (Conference of Audio and Video Experts) went well… Tom was as always entertaining and delivered a power preso about the amazingly cool MAX Racer 3D game him and the other talented people on the team presented first time in LA at MAX 2010.

Still undergoing some updates and changes, the game just gets cooler and cooler.

However, I was speaking about the OSMF and how it allows developers and stakeholders to build custom media players with impressive best of breed performance combined with the usual UX level found in everywhere in the Adobe ecosystem… without a lot of effort required so we as developers can focus on cool stuff instead of writing the same Player plumbing time after time…

Anyways, here are my slides… please don’t hesitate to contact me if there are any questions or you want to get started with OSMF… it’s recommended if you find yourself having to implement a media player on your next project.



Exclusive Dinner with Adobe Evangelist: Tom Krcha

If you are in either Kuala Lumpur on the 24th or Bangkok on the 31st, you have the unique chance to join in an exclusive dinner party with travelling Adobe Evangelist: Tom Krcha.

Picture of Tom Krcha

Kuala Lumpur:

Unfortunately this event is already full, but if someone cancels, I will post the URL’s here…
Now the number is 30 and the waiting list is exhausted as well… its going to be a fun night.


FlashCamp Manila 2011

I’m very delighted to have been invited to be a speaker at not only this years first FlashCamp in South East Asia, but the first FlashCamp in Philippines ever…

It takes place on the 26th at…

Leong Hall, Ateneo De Manila University
Ateneo De Manila University
Makati, Philippines.

You can read more on the Facebook page…

You can sign up here (its free)…

Check it out…


Conference of Audio/Video Experts Singapore 2011

I’m very proud to have been invited to speak at the Conference of Audio/Video Experts (CAVE) in Singapore 2011, it’s a whole day for amateurs and pros who want to know the direction in which videography is heading.


We will be engaging in new technologies, new media, new formats and take a grab on how to be ahead of the next trend ?

Check it out…

Registration is open…