Great achievement for the UX team at Hello

A couple of weeks ago, the IA department at Hello won the esteemed IA-Jam at the EUROIA conference that took place in Copenhagen.


The decisive reason for the team winning was the recent work they had done leading to the release of UX-BASIS on which I have been blogging before.

Check it out…


UXBASIS released by Hello Group

At Hello Group we have created a website explaining how and why we what we do when working with our clients… we have named it UXBASIS !


UXBASIS is way of combining the numerous tools available to us and forming a unified process that sits within a digital agency and it’s other important departments – creative, tech and client services. The beauty about the model is it is fully adaptive to any clients needs, can fit with tech’s agile process and incorporates creative and development at key stages in the creation process.

The model is based on the creative process of a four part cycle; plan, act, observe and refine. On top of that is Jesse James Garretts’ five layers model for web development. The added bonus is that it doesn’t need to be a website but it can be any interface. It is purely ux focused but acknowledges the necessary touch points of where we need to engage with other parts of the business.Of course it is not new in terms of tools but it is in terms of making this work in a digital agency. An important factor is that the UX team has this as a manifesto and we stick to it completely. By having an agreed approach we can engage others in a common language.

We are producing cards (and we know they are not a new idea, see IDEO and the IA summit cards) to help our client services team communicate our methods to customers. It gives them the language necessary and helps cost projects by seeing when to use them and what they are.

It helps the company become more efficient keeps the quality of our work high and ensures transparency with the client. These tools all are valid and are frequently used. There are many more but these we feel are at our core to produce the best results.

The website is here with each tool explained and a poster and cards have also been produced. UX BASIS gathers it all up and makes our process transparent and communicable. It provides anchorage along the way for the journeys our client projects take us on.

Check it out…


Hello Flash Builder Console

Flash Player Trace statements constitute the perfect platform for output’s which are ASCII based equivalences to the controversial tradition of developers adding Easter Eggs to the Systems they are building.
The content of the ASCII based output can be of a more or less elaborate character, on one of the projects we are doing for the Danish Electricity Saving Trust: “MyHome – Your Intelligent Home”… it looks like below…


Thanks to Paw Suddergaard for sharing his screen for a second…


Hello… now with a Darth Wader…

After the summer party which took place at the giant Roskilde Music Festival and before the office closed next week, there is been an euphoric atmosphere at the Copenhagen office of Hello.
Today we received a visit by none other than Darth Wader from the movie Star Wars.

Darth Vader


Hello… now riding the Adobe Wave

Adobe® Wave™ is an Adobe AIR application and Adobe hosted service that work together to enable desktop notifications. It helps publishers stay connected to your customers and lets users avoid the email clutter of dozens of newsletters and social network update messages.


Learn more about Adobe Wave here…

Hello has created a feed which allows followers to receive notifications about the latest buzz from inside and outside the company.


To introduce users to the Adobe Wave notifications, there is a customizable subscription badge for the feed. Clicking on this badge will initiate a two-click sign up flow and start for you receiving notifications (you will be prompted to install Adobe Wave or Adobe AIR if needed).

Click her to navigate to the Installation Badge…


Hello Ignite – Episode 2

Every Monday we have a common meeting where the entire gets together in our diner and talk about the passed week, weekend and the up and coming week.
Now, in addition to being a welcome status meeting we have started doing Ignite style presentations which we record for the greater good.

This week it was no other than our multi-talented inhouse interactive media Rockstar, Thomas Petersen who talked about the essence of the Twitter phenomena.