TheFunTheory/RolighetsTeorin… The PianoStairs Experiment

Sometimes its important to think out of the box, and I believe that’s what I believe these guys and girls did when they came up with the idea about the pianostairs…
The solution of making pianostairs as an alternative to escalator and normal “boring” stairs is based on the funtheory (that making things fun will make the critical difference).

Check out the video at youtube…

However, don’t be mistaken… the experiment is sponsored by Volkswagen, so it’s not for your blue eyes only they did it… nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that we can change user behavior by making the action itself fun to do…

You can check out the video above and the other funtheory videos at the funtheory website…


Want to Work on the ConnectNow / Cocomo SDK Team ?

If you’re into Flex, AIR, Cloud Computing, Real-Time Collaboration, multi-user social apps, client-server architecture, and are generally into pushing the envelope… perhaps you should look here for a job… at Adobe… here … and here (different link – same position)…

Also, for those of you going to MAX, don’t miss the 2 sessions on Cocomo.


The Daily Motivator : 10 Ways for a Web Worker to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Som en af de der hyppigt ligger i toppen af den ugentlige inddaterings-summering i det firma jeg er tilknyttet tager jeg mig den frihed at dele denne artikel med jer.

Det er helt almindelig viden, men da det efterhånden er påvist udover nogen tvivl at produktiviteten (for slet ikke at nævne livskvaliteten) sænkes såfremt man glemmer at udøve fysisk udfoldelse samt at have et ikke-arbejdsrelateret liv gør det vel ikke noget at minde os selv og hinanden om det en gang imellem.



How things go wrong when SubContractors start thinking autonomously… or dont (1)

The company I work for have recently headed out on the crusade of attempting to outsource certain tasks. This is not done out of the motivation of saving money, but because its generally so hard to find qualified developers now-a-days.

We have employed a small company residing on a small island-state off the coast of south-eastern Africa. They are skilled and work hard for the relatively low wages they get from this work, but…

Their lack of ability to think independently is not overrated, they are inherently incapable of doing so. Thus have they been instructed to try and they actually do try by giving it their best shot – and this is definitely worthy of our out most respect. There is however one thing they have yet to acquire, and it is the capability of taking the responsibility that follows independent thinking. They still have not understood that taking responsibility and potentially exposing eventual individual shortcomings will actually be regarded as a strength and as such can serve as a basis for improvements and therefore the basis for a stronger relation in the future.

I will elaborate on this issue in the next episode… and what we potentially can do about it.