My Microsoft Entourage is suffering from "Database Daemon Fatal Error"…

Now its been two times in three days I have had to run the Database Utility which is shipped and installed together with Microsoft Office for MAC 2008.
Each time I have been forced to do so has been due to a Fatal Error (see screenshot below) in the Microsoft Database Daemon which seems to fail in keeping consistency and integrity in the database underlying Microsoft Entourage.

Database Daemon Fatal Error

The solution to solve it is pretty easy… inside the Microsoft Office directory of the local applications folder, you will find a sub-directory entitled “Office” which contains the application called “Microsoft Database Utility”. When executed the application offers you the option of rebuilding the database. Choosing this option will fix the issues while off course creating a backup in case something even more serious should fault during rebuilding. I can’t imagine what use a backup a broken database can have, but I guess its a nice gesture by the utility developers.

Anyways, should you encounter the error below, don’t dispair… make a quick search on your preferred search engine and find this blog-entry, then your problem is likely to be solved in less than half an hour.

Adobe Flex

Microsoft Community Day 2009 Presentation

Here is my presentation from the Microsoft Community Day 2009.

It went pretty well, I received 25 green, 12 yellow and NO red audience satisfaction reports.
Scheme: Green is GOOD, red is BAD.

Here are the sources to the code sample.. its an extremely simple and crude implementation of a Blog Reader…


Microsoft Community Day 2009

On Thursday I will be sticking my head into the Lions den when I talk about Adobe Flex/AIR at the Microsoft Community Day in Copenhagen.
Its going to be a really interesting day with loads of really interesting people and presentations.


If you have not yet signed up it might be too late since there is a limited number of seats.
However, you can still request an invitation via Facebook and then perhaps be lucky and get one prior to Thursday…. anyways, check it out…

It’s Daniel Mellgaard Frost (Developer Evangelist at Microsoft) whom is coordinating the event.

You can download the agenda from here…


Google Chrome dislikes Microsoft Architecture

This is the display I get when I attempt to navigate to the Microsoft Architecture site with Google Chrome…

…I guess Google are not that fond of Microsoft Architecture 🙂

PS… the problem is isolated to one machine, others of my machines with Google Chrome is not displaying this behavior… it’s just a lonely sparrow.


Remembering the pre-AJAX days ?

Back in the early days of AJAX development, before the name was even cornered around 2004… there were many ways to obtain the AJAX-like effects of todays omnipresent XMLHTTP implementations.

One I found particularly nice was the “” HTML-component which mimicked todays Webservice-proxies.

One of the guys on my team asked me a question leading me to look it up, and to me great amusement it was still available for download right there on Microsoft’s website.

Check it out in case you never had the chance to work with it, and if you have worked with it… pay it a visit and remember the “fun” times we had doing AJAX-like effects before it even had a name.