ELIPS Studio… Now Commercially Available… We made it !

Im not trying to claim ownership of ELIPS Studio from OpenPlug, nor am I trying to take credit from the tremendously talented developers who’s been working on it for more than a year… however, what I AM taking credit for is having used the very earliest versions of the software and being part of the BETA program from the groundfloor.

Now, that ELIPS studio is finally commercially available, its time to tell the world about this amazing piece of software which has given the few of us a very clear advantage in terms of productivity and development velocity on our teams.

What used to give me an competitive edge is now commercially available to everyone, thanks to OpenPlug !
Please note that I’m an Independent Software Technologist and hence not associated with OpenPlug, so this is not just another shameless sales plug, this is the real thing… I simply can not encourage strongly enough that everyone working in Mobile Software download this piece of software and take it for a spin.

There is a very cool Free License program which gives you a chance to try out the entire feature set of the suite, however ad’s are inserted into your apps, a great business model since they are planning to share the revenues from these ad’s with the people publishing the ads.

However, the Free License program is not the only cool license program offered by OpenPlug… they also offer their “Indie” version which is a special discount for independent developers. It’s an a-la-carte edition: you pay for what you need. It will be interesting to see who uses this option, how OpenPlug will execute it and be able to support is as well if they will use the a-la-carte orders to design future versions and license programmes.

Anyways, one thing is certain, its great to be able to share with everyone now what we are doing in the mobile development scene and how we use Elips to help speed up the process moving from Ide and Inception to Realization and Transition.

Read the press release:


MyHome Benchmarks with YSlow

YSlow analyzes web pages and tells you why they’re slow based on the rules for high performance web sites. YSlow is a Firefox add-on integrated with the Firebug web development tool and as such is very easy to handle.

I have created a small benchmark test with MyHome against HelloGroup’s and Elsparefonden’s public websites.

Obviously we still have some optimization to do, but its also obvious that we are not that far from reaching an acceptable minimum for the initial load sequence.

Checkout YSlow here…

Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex : Improving startup performance

Watch what you do at startup !

Don’t call setStyle() if you can avoid it, it’s one of the most expensive calls in the framework since it can trigger reloading styles in every component on the display list. If you have to call setStyle(), do it in the INITIALIZE event handler instead of the CREATION_COMPLETE handler. Use deferred instantiation when possible (leave creationPolicy=”auto”). Avoid unneccessary nesting of containers.