Adobe RIAthon (India)

If you happen to be in India and working with RIA’s, you should consider joining the Adobe RIAthon 08.

Entries have to be submitted no later than the 26th November.

Check it out…


Home Automation

MyHome : Introduction Video (3)

This is the video of the presentation on national danish television featuring the project manager from The Danish Electricity Saving Trust and the Technical Director of HelloGroup.


Documenting Rich Internet Applications… perspectives from an IA

Another fellow at Hello Group is Peter Svarre who is directing our immensely competent UX department.

On his blog he has recently been writing about the challenges of creating UX for Rich Internet Applications… which is one of the great challenges the entire new media industry currently are faced with.

Check it out… its essential to understand the challenges Peter Svarre and his UX peers are mentioning if you are working with RIA’s or tomorrow’s websites.



Google Gears

The latest entry among the candidate RIA technologies is Google Gears.

Still in version 0.3 at the time of this writing, its obvious that a lot of work needs to be done.

However, Google Gears (GG) has a couple of neat features…

* Database based on SQLLite.
* WorkerPool (JavaScript MultiThreading).
* Desktop Module to interact with the OS.

The Database module provides browser-local relational data storage to your JavaScript web application. Gears uses the open source SQLite database system. Ergo exactly as we have grown accustomed with Adobe AIR.

The WorkerPool module allows web applications to run JavaScript code in the background, without blocking the main page’s script execution.
In web browsers a single time-intensive operation, such as I/O or heavy computation, can make the UI unresponsive. The WorkerPool module runs operations in the background, without blocking the UI. Scripts executing in the WorkerPool will not trigger the browser’s “unresponsive script” dialog.
Nevertheless, since the browser’s XmlHttpRequest object is not available in the context of a worker, Gears provides its own HttpRequest object to fill that need. Gears HttpRequest provides most of the features of XmlHttpRequest except for the ability to access the response as an XML DOM object and the ability to send a request synchronously.

Check it out…

A couple of more cool features are scheduled, but lets see which ideas actually make it out of the labs alive.

Some reasons to consider GG are that it does not require an explicit installation, just that you allow a specific site to run Gears enabled and that its open source in contrast to e.g. Adobe AIR and there a couple of more pretty interesting features of GG, but I will not get into that now.

When this is said, in my very humble graphical understanding – I think there exist a striking resemblance between Adobe AIR logo and the Google Gears logo and to be totally honest, the feature set if we disregard the very promising multi-threaded Javacsript… do you see what I mean ?

Adobe Flex

Google Trends of XAML and MXML

Despite the huge momentum Adobe Flex have gained the last year or so, its clear that XAML still have more momentum overall, according to Google Trends.

XAML is the markup language from Microsoft to create RIA’s and one of the cornerstones in Silverlight, MS’s “new” primary RIA platform. MXML is the markup language used in Adobe Flex, Adobe’s primary RIA platform and has been around for quite a shorter time than XAML.

Here is a direct link to the comparison I did:

An interesting observation is related to the geographical distribution of the searches, seeing that India is top-ranking in regards to Country, however in regards to City its Redmond, VA (The home of Microsoft).

Another interesting point is that Denmark and Danish is at the time of this comparison (it’s off course subject to change, partly due to the dynamics of the Google indexing system based on statistically enhanced numbers and off course due to the fact that the numbers eventually do change over the course of time) ranked 10 and 6 respectively, positioning the Danish RIA community high on the international rank.
Combine this with the positions of our brothering countries, Sweden and Norway, Scandinavia is definitely in the super-liga of RIA regions.


Control Creation : In Markup or Code ?

While it is possible to create all your controls and objects in code, best practices dictate that it is usually better to do so in markup. The most compelling reason is that markup is highly “toolable” – that is, it lends itself to round-trip modification in tools such as Adobe Flex Builder and MS Visual Studio / Expression and thus is easier to scale, modify and maintain.