Congratulations to Johan Lopes

Among the absolute top of Flex champions in the European Flash / Flex scene is Johan Lopez.

So it’s obvious that the current wave of ACE’ifications that have rolled over this part of the world would also touch down on Johan which recently has been designated ACE.

Congratulations to Johan, he has definitely deserved it for his massive knowledge about the Flash platform and his willingness to share this knowledge with the community… and for his nice personality which everyone who have ever visited him Stockholm can testify that he has… now the king of the Stocktown Flash Platform community has the right to call himself an ACE… it’s a great honor for me to be an ACE at the same time as Johan ! 🙂


Adobe OnAIR Tour Stockholm (1)

A day inside the “Munchen-bryggeriet” masshall when the weather was so good and Stocktown was at its finest, caused everyone to assume that the sessions would be as abandoned as the beach in Jaws succeeding the second attack of the killer-shark… however, it was not !
It was packed with designers, flash programmers and flex developers (and perhaps even an existing AIR developer) and off course reps. from Adobe.

The food was great, the “swag” was OK and enough so that everyone seemed to feel appreciated.
Lots of cool people with lots of great knowledge and ideas…

Stay posted for more on this topic…