TinEye – Multicolor Search Demo

Multicolor Search allows you to search images by colors, its a demo of TinEye Lab’s MultiColorEngine Search functions…

Basically you can select up to 5 colors and then search Flickr for images containing those 5 colors… this is how a search looked with 5 different scales of blue… it’s fun to play around with, try it for yourself…


Check it out…


Brackets…. recent-projects… another useful extension

When (or if) you start using Brackets now, you see that its still very early stuff.

This is deliberate and with full intend of the team behind it, in order to truly make it a community driven effort and to ensure that the project stays aligned with its commission: developed for developers by developers.

This also means that its far from the IDE you may be used to still has a long way to go before its a fully fletched code editor at the level we are used to from other tools…

Anyways, one of things you will start missing is the management of Projects, now luckily Narciso Jarmilo (member of the Brackets team and employee at Adobe), has implemented a simple way of maintaining a list of the most recent projects.

Not only does it provide you with a shortcut to the most recent projects you have been working on, but it also illustrates how simple it is to add functionality that you find necessary.


Having a rich extensibility model has proven over and over again to be more critical to the viability of a tool than having it being springloaded with code-editor-killer features out of the box… and Brackets has done exactly that.

If there is something you see missing, you can easily build it yourself and share it back into the community… thats the groove of Brackets and that’s actually pretty cool…

A 3rd thing Narciso’s extension does, is to illustrate how its possible to integrate your extension with the ProjectManager… now this was what actually brought me to his extension in the first place, because I will now start building my own extension using the notion of projects…

Check out Narciso’s extension here…


Introducing Adobe Brackets… a new HTML/CSS/JavaScript Code IDE

Brackets… a new HTML/CSS/JavaScript Code IDE

…by putting this into the eco-system, Adobe has just shaken the bag once again… sparking off their ideas and possibilities on ways to optimize the development stack for Web Applications and Experiences… this is most recent newcomer…


Among the most interesting aspects to this new IDE project is that…

  1. It’s Adobe Systems Inc.
  2. It’s 100% Open Source
  3. It’s being developed in entirely the open, a new approach by Adobe and means everyone is invited to join the team (and release party)
  4. Its written entirely in HTML, CSS and JavaScript itself…

Brackets seek to differentiate itself from other IDE’s by being envisioned with the following key parameters…

  • Tools shouldn’t get in your way. Instead of cluttering up your coding environment with lots of panels and icons, the Quick Edit UI in Brackets puts context-specific code and tools inline.
  • Brackets is in sync with your browser. With Live Development, Brackets works directly with your browser to push code edits instantly, set breakpoints, and jump back and forth between your real source code and the browser view.
  • Do it yourself. Because Brackets is open source, and built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

You can already now download a very early binary and start playing with it, or you can download the source code and compile for yourself.

It’s important to note that…

Brackets isn’t ready for general use yet. It’s still very early in development, is missing a lot of basic editor features, and probably has bugs. That said, we’ve actually been using Brackets to develop Brackets for awhile now, so what’s there is reasonably stable.

Although Brackets is built in HTML/CSS/JS, it currently runs as a desktop application in a thin native shell, so that it can access your local files. (If you just try to open the index.html file in a browser, it won’t work yet.) The native shell for Brackets lives in a separate repo, adobe/brackets-app, which includes this repo as a submodule.

The project is hosted at GitHub and offers you to both download binaries for MAC and Windows as well as the entire source code…

Check it out…

Brackets will be one of the first to take the place in the Code section among Tools and Services on Adobe’s page dedicate for HTML development… so that would be the place to check for public announcements along with Adobe Labs…


Jasmine – A JavaScript Testing Framework

Jasmine is a Behavior Driven Development testing framework for JavaScript. It does not rely on browsers, DOM, or any JavaScript framework. Thus it’s suited for websites, Node.js projects, or anywhere that JavaScript can run.

Check it out…

Jasmine is a behavior-driven development (BDD) JavaScript testing framework Pivotal Labs maintains it and makes it available on GitHub under the MIT license. Jasmine allows tests to be written independent of the DOM or other JavaScript frameworks. You run Jasmine in a browser, or headless without a browser by integrating with other frameworks such as Rhino, Envy, or the Jasmine-headless-webkit library.

Jasmine API includes features such as:

  • A more natural BDD syntax for organizing the test logic than JUnit style assertion test frameworks
  • Asynchronous testing
  • Mocks
  • Spies
  • Easy to create custom matchers
  • Ability to share or isolate behaviors between tests within a spec encapsulating parts of your spec.
  • Continuous integration support

If this has caught your interest, I recommend that you check out this article on the Adobe Developer Network about how to get started using Jasmine to test your Javascript applications…


SourceTree – Formidable Git Client for MAC OSX

Having been forced to re-saddle my technologies due to recent changes in the landscape for client software targeted at RIA and Web Applications, namely the discontinuation of Flash for Mobile and the refocusing of resources in Adobe from Flex / Flash to HTML, I have been forced to adopt new tools to help me through the vacum which will take place until the industry finds out what to do…

Among the tools I have adopted is the SourceTree App (recently acquired by Atlassian) which is a formidable for Git… and not only that: for a period its free ! 

Check it out…


Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder

Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder is a Flash Builder 4 plug-in which enables the rapid development of extensions that run inside one or more Creative Suite applications.
Extension Builder makes it as easy to write extensions that run in the Creative Suite as it is to use Flash Builder 4 to write Flex applications that run in the browser. It targets professional Creative Suite developers looking to minimize their development costs and reduce time-to-market for their extensions, while delivering maximum functionality to their customers.
For a host of tutorials, videos and sample content, you can take a look at the Extension Builder team’s blog at

Extension Builder at Adobe MAX 2010
Ordinarily, access to Extension Builder requires membership of either the Adobe Solution Partner Program or the Adobe Enterprise Developer Program. However, it is being provided free of charge to attendees of Adobe MAX 2010, along with a catalogue of sample extensions and videos demonstrating Extension Builder’s benefits.
If you are not attending MAX, but believe you should have access to this because your input could prove invaluable, you can contact the team through the Extension Builder forum:


ELIPS Studio… Now Commercially Available… We made it !

Im not trying to claim ownership of ELIPS Studio from OpenPlug, nor am I trying to take credit from the tremendously talented developers who’s been working on it for more than a year… however, what I AM taking credit for is having used the very earliest versions of the software and being part of the BETA program from the groundfloor.

Now, that ELIPS studio is finally commercially available, its time to tell the world about this amazing piece of software which has given the few of us a very clear advantage in terms of productivity and development velocity on our teams.

What used to give me an competitive edge is now commercially available to everyone, thanks to OpenPlug !
Please note that I’m an Independent Software Technologist and hence not associated with OpenPlug, so this is not just another shameless sales plug, this is the real thing… I simply can not encourage strongly enough that everyone working in Mobile Software download this piece of software and take it for a spin.

There is a very cool Free License program which gives you a chance to try out the entire feature set of the suite, however ad’s are inserted into your apps, a great business model since they are planning to share the revenues from these ad’s with the people publishing the ads.

However, the Free License program is not the only cool license program offered by OpenPlug… they also offer their “Indie” version which is a special discount for independent developers. It’s an a-la-carte edition: you pay for what you need. It will be interesting to see who uses this option, how OpenPlug will execute it and be able to support is as well if they will use the a-la-carte orders to design future versions and license programmes.

Anyways, one thing is certain, its great to be able to share with everyone now what we are doing in the mobile development scene and how we use Elips to help speed up the process moving from Ide and Inception to Realization and Transition.

Read the press release: